Started djing in year 2006 doing clubbing, private parties and corporate events. Music is my passion, my life & everything. I love playing all the in-trend music genres. Now, I am more into music production and Corporate parties. I have performed along with international Djs. Kolkata's very own  DJ ASK has been spinning in Bengals capital city since the last six years. Apart from doing the rounds in the DJ circuit,  DJ ASK is also a trained Production and skilled LIve. Having learnt the tricks of the trade from various male DJ friends such as DJ lijo, DJ A.sen and DJ Sanj,Dj Ryk, Dj Harsh,Dj Tejas,NYK, UD & jOWIN,Dj Rohan,Dj Chirag,Dj Tejas ...Etc.... After that gig, it didn't take long for his popularity to rise in her hometown. Anyone who has been to one of his club nights cannot forget her electrifying presence behind the console.  DJ ASK has developed a reputation for getting the party started with her signature style of music, which is a take-off from various genres such as Bollywood,Club, Electronica, Minimal, Techno, and House. The ever cheerful DJ has performed in clubs across the country and abroad, playing as a guest DJ at many private and corporate events. "DJing can be taxing as one has to perform almost every night," says  DJ ASK. "It's also a fine balancing act, with questions of skill, odd timings, and personal safety."
Most people dream, some attempt to pursue their dreams, but few people actually get to live them. Born and raised in Kolkata (India), this former high school kid was determined to turn his late high school DJ’ing hobby into his dream job, and that’s exactly what he’s done. While his journey as a DJ Daniel, he mixed at local schools, house parties & surrounding clubs all through his high school years and beyond. He quickly became a favorite DJ in India. For   DJ ASK  life is one grand, sweet song… so… “Just Start the Music”. He believes that the world is full of music, and you simply take as much as you require… that is why his music speaks more than his words!!! His music screams at you with a passion, commitment, dedication, focus, drive and energy.Counted as one of the most successful DJ and one of the India’s youngest producers, he is all set to enrich the world with his amazing talent. You may be listening to music all the time but with him you can really taste it. DJ’ing has always been a passion for him and he was exposed to musicality from a very tender age. There’s so much good music out there and he doesn’t wants him to limit himself to just a single style. 
His inspirations included - DJ Chuckie, DJ Teisto, David Guetta, Afrojack and Deadmau5. 

Either you hear  DJ ASK playing in small clubs or on big outdoor events, you can be sure that he throws a raging party! His popularity is emphasized by a positive relaxed performance behind the DJ console completed with spontaneous and active communication with his audience. He’ll soon be there in your city…so… listen up and watch out people !!

Genres: Bollywood Remixes, Progressive House, Electronica, Electro House, Psychedelic...

Thank You All...

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